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Positive Leadership and Generation Y II

Positive Leadership (english) - The impact of Positive Leadership

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Positive Leadership and Generation Y II Why do companies need this leadership approach? For a very pragmatic reason: If you look at the Eurostat figures, you will see that this cohort is smaller than the cohorts before. We have the problem of declining birth rates. If companies want to select their best employees, the group they can choose from is smaller than it was 10 to 20 years ago. Nowadays …

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What is it about?

Positive leadership has evolved from positive psychology. The goal of Positive Leadership is for managers to focus on the individual strengths of their employees instead of their weaknesses. In Positive Leadership, employees are targeted to give them the opportunity to develop their talents.

Why should I do this training?

Positive Leadership not only benefits the individual employee, but also the company as a whole. By consciously and purposefully promoting it, you help your company strengthen itself from the inside out.

What am I missing if I don't see it?

In the following clips, you will learn exactly how Positive Leadership works and how you can integrate this form of leadership into your company.

Dr. Mag. Markus Ebner, MSc.

Über den Experten: Dr. Mag. Markus Ebner, MSc.

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